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Maintain Your Gore-Tex Running and Cycling Wear

Maintain Your Gore-Tex Running and Cycling Wear

Let us keep you moving..

As a approved GORE-TEX repairer, we understand the investment you have made in your garment and we provide a matched, guaranteed repair to ensure you get many more years of use.
We provide a fabric repair service on all waterproof fabrics, carried out by our WL GORE trained team ensuring the highest quality of work and just as important keeping the integrity of the garment, ensuring the GORE-TEX waterproof fabric keeps its famous “Guaranteed to keep you dry” promise.
Once repaired and sealed all fabrics are tested, prior to receiving a wash and reproof

Original Performance Restored

After all repairs are done we give the garment a clean and reproof using Grangers famous products which combine to enhance the performance of all waterproof fabrics.
If you are an existing customer, you are entitled to a repair free of charge, just in case the worst happens, because we care.
If you are a new customer, just drop us an email and we can review the garment and provide a price for the repair.
It is important for us to review the garment prior to any order being placed to ensure it can be successfully repaired and keep the integrity of the garment, he suggest in the first instance taking a number of photos of the damage for us to review for you.

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