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Cleaning & Waterproofing: Original Performance Restored

When you have a new jacket it’s amazing how the water just runs off the outside. This happens because of a durable water repellent treatment (DWR) that’s applied at manufacture to all jackets. But dirt, oil and normal household detergents will, over time, mask the DWR, causing the outside of the jacket to absorb water (wetting out).

‘Wetting out’ reduces breathability, comfort and performance and can make the jacket feel cold and wet to the touch. Grangers cleaners and proofers remove dirt, oils and stains, and restores the product to it’s original performance, or as we like to say ‘Original performance restored’.

Existing Customer?

As a valued customer of TG Store we will clean and reproof your garments, all you need to pay for is the postage, restoring the original performance.

NOTE: Only items purchased from TGSTORE are eligible for the free reproofing service.

New Customers - Cleaning & Proofing Services

TG Store provides a complete ‘one stop’ Professional Cleaning and Re-Proofing Service.

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