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Temperature Clothing Guide

Our technical clothing experts at the TGSTORE have designed a new clothing guide to categorise the large range of GORE BIKE WEAR & GORE RUNNING WEAR, into an easy to understand Temperature Clothing Guide. This guide displays the optimal wearing temperature for products with a layering option at either side.

We at the TGSTORE believe that this is crucial to get the maximum from your products to give you the best experience from the ultimate quality of GORE BIKE WEAR & GORE RUNNING WEAR.

Temperature Guide Overview

Each product in the range has been analysed by our technical experts at the TGSTORE and these have been graded with a “T number” from 1 to 5. This number starts from the hottest day to the coldest day in the Celsius temperature table.

Each product has a quick view symbol next to the item which allows the customer to clearly see which “T number” has been assigned and where it belongs in the temperature guide.

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